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Client Compliance

Compliance and consistency are two constants required for every client.

Variation will also come in what form the compliance takes, i.e. technology, people, documentation, etc.  To be relevant, agencies must have a compliance strategy for each client that is agreed upon and executed.  COBRA, HIPAA, ERISA, FLSA, FMLA, Payroll, HR, Benefits and Employment required documents and classifications are just a few of the major categories in which you can impact your clients long-term.

Provide your clients with compliance consulting services through a trusted partnership with On Your Mark.  You don’t have to hire a compliance team when you can partner with one when you need them.  Most agency partners that On Your Mark has, was looking for either a full-time compliance officer or in-house expert. After working with On Your Mark for a year or two, they realized how beneficial and cost effective having a compliance partner on-demand was.  As needed with no overhead.  This may be the partnership you need and value you were looking for to bring your services to the next level.

Step one:  Provide your clients with access to an incomparable HR library.  Step two:  Provide access to an HR specialist if they need one.  Step three:  Provide access to a compliance consultant who can really drill down into the nitty-gritty and unravel noncompliance to get them on the right track.