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Financial Success

Commission vs Fee-for-service?

Is it an all or nothing?  Are there synergies between the two?  Regardless, as a business owner, you must take your revenue potential into your own hands.  Defining your vision, value proposition, fees, service level agreements and communications are all things we can help with.  Why are you pining for the old days when insurers padded your wallets to sell their products?  Didn’t you feel shackled to them and not really free to run your business as a business?  You might say, “I was.  I was making more money than I am now.  That MLR really screwed up my revenue stream.”  Free yourself and your clients.  Take matters into your own hands.  Define your value.  Assign a dollar amount.  Communicate your value.  Win-Win.

Stop waiting for the government to make insurers pay you more.  Stop waiting for the insurers to recognize your value to them and volunteer to pay you more.  You are not their employee.  You are your client’s partner and owe them your best.  Once you define what that is and what it’s worth, your client will pay the fee and a partnership will be born.   It’s true.  It’s happening every day.  Do not be satisfied letting other companies dictate your revenue stream or what products you sell because they treat you like a valued sales person.  You are not their employee.  You are a business owner.  You are your client’s partner.