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Karen was born to speak…

To any size crowd.  On a myriad of topics.  Compliance, fee-for-service, the broker transition to consultant, running your benefits business like a business and so much more.  She address employer-centric crowds and gives them practical guidance for tackling not-so-practical requirements.  She brings breaking legislation stories to your audience in a timely fashion.  She has a knack (some call it a quirk) of taking compliance spaghetti and delivering it in a fun, clear and concise manner so that you can actually do something with the information. Topics also include Opioids and the role of the plan fiduciary, E&O:  Are you protected for the way you do business?, FMLA, HIPAA, ERISA, COBRA, Health Care Reform (all versions), Payroll, HR, Employment related requirements and so much more.